Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Bridal Shower - Ying Ying

Had an awesome short gateway + bridal shower for my friend YingYing
She is one of my friend where we both has one thing in common, before she got into a relationship - We both never pak tou before.. Lol. But now she is bride-to-be, and, me, hmm, still the same :)

Design her idea party theme, search for venue, decoration material buying, activities planing, ahhh enjoy the progress so much! And finally we decided to give her an unforgettable night where it combine of sexy, wild, and sweet memories. Booked one night at Grand Lexis PD (the one thing we love is their private pool), and we separate into 2 cars as we have 6 girls in total. One car depart 1pm in the afternoon and another 7pm cause the full-time love-God women are attending to exams.

Lunch before we head to PD and some shopping time for us. We used 3 around to shop for decoration materials, snacks and drinks, and the balloon pumper! lol my balloon pumper. We went 3 different places for the pumper and decided to give a last try @ Giant PD, told myself to give up for the balloon decoration if we still couldnt find it, and last, we make it, Giant near to our hotel! Haha

When we reach the hotel, 3 of us starts our own task, pump balloon, fruits cutting, words cutting, sticking all the things we had onto the wall, bla bla bla.... And once the second car told us they are on the way, we are like, whatttttttt we not yet done anything! Haha we are racing with the time and finally we manage to done 80% of initial plan and had our shower time before they reach.

My busy women are doing their own task :p

Our theme for the night - Wild Red for the bride-to-be, and Angel White for the girls

Bride-to-be reach the hotel and yeaaaaa we havent light up all the candle. So, please take a sit and let us finish our part first xD

(Blind folding) We bring her from the room entrance and wanted to bring her to the private pool and experience the water under her feet, but she scream like crazy and scare that we throw her into the water (as she can heard the pool water sound), so in the end we couldn't make it. But it's okay, enjoy welcome drinks first, pool party? Later on..

Ready for the party~

We have lots fun in the pool. Someone breakthrough some task as well.
Photo is not allowed to upload, request from me if you are interested :p

Sharing night and i think cause too much energy used during the party, we went bed quite early after we have a walk back from the villa. And Tian even got into deep sleep before we out for a short walk! Lol

We have another swim section the next morning, some choose to swim, some rushing their work with lappie (haha cause its a working monday!), and some, planking!

Ready ourself before out for breakfast and the 2nd day activities. 

Photo taking before check out from the villa.
We got 3 MM team with us, where one of them is the HOD of Multimedia team, but we not manage to take a niceeeeeeee photo for first night!
Lol. She complained that her handsome never teach her how to take nice photo 0.0
But its okay, our bride-to-be can edit it, no worry

Breakfast time and then we went to the beach to have some photo session

And yea, we met a baby monkey, his name is Maggie :)

After that we have some real quality time, we talk, we laugh, we share.

After that we went to have seafood dinner before back to KL. 
On the way back have an another real quality time with the girls as well, we talk about future, we talk about our own life, and yes, we talk about the young generation.
Thank God for giving a good chance to share and yes I know, we all are real child of God and our life is to bring impact to the generation. 
Yes, in God, I know we can.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

It's another holiday tomorrow due to whole office building's pipe bursting
Boss announced we can continue our holiday 'until further notice' 
It's my 8th day of holiday and thank God I starts some really interesting project this few days and it keep my holiday so fruitful :)
Been a long time never blog about myself, never blog about my life
How am I doing? I'm good. Real good.

Was telling myself that I couldn't stay in my confort zone continuously 
Been working in current job & position for almost one and half year
Everything was good now compare to those day when I first join
No more going back office on Saturday to finish up the unfinished task
No more chasing agent like mad just to get submission
It coming in automatically, even when I never contact them 
Believing the pass one and half year hard work finally pay off
But, what's next? How to do better? Getting in more submission? 
More submission, then?

Keep thinking the same question recently, what's the objective and what's my career goal
I need a change. Seriously need a change. 
Thinking back to my tertiary time, my college do not offer the course that I wanted to take
So then, I get myself into this ECommerce thing, Diplome, Advance Diploma, and follow my Degree
无可否认,yea I like ECommerce, and I dream that one day I'll be doing some Ecommerce thing 
But how, how to starts, where to starts, and what to start with 
I don't know, I have no idea

It's in my mid twenty right now
No more time left for me 
I wanted to try as many things as I can 
Do not limit myself in just one direction 
I don't know how the future goes, and I do not know where I stand in the future

Make my decision 
I want to try
Give me please dear God
I want 
I want that job
Never try never know 
Now or never  

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

是这些的文字 文字让我感觉自己成长

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Remembering back to my first unplanned  trip experience - unexpectedly a weeklong trip to Barcelona Spain by booking ONLY the flight ticket
Yes, ONLY the flight ticket
Travelling is sometime taking a little courage and adventure attitude 
Certainly, the idea of travelling to a country without planning, without accommodation booking, with no accessible to internet connection, it's great, super great
There's something I learned from this trip is that sometimes life has an uncanny way of helping you out with the details
We (me and my sister) got ourself a local map from the airport, simply hop on to a local train and get ourself to the city
Get down from the train and what's next? We're not sure.
By making our own decision, we found a backpacker hostels and start our unplanned trip.
Walk along the country site, and we enjoy doing the typical social things just the way we are
Stranger may eventually become our travel mate or sometimes our lifelong soulmate
Often time, we forget just how many possibilities life holds in store for us
I miss my unplanned trip and yea, I'm starting my solo trip tonight, in 7 hours time.
I'm excited. See you soon

Ahaaaaa welcome back
Booked a capsule 2 hours ago
And yes, I am ready for my trip
Count down 23 hours
Flyyy again

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Okay, I need long holiday.
I miss my holiday.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lo Faro Caffe

Went to a newly open cafe today, located at Happy Garden, KL.

Lo Faro Caffe
No. 16 & 18, Medan Ramah, Taman Gembira.

It is a casual dining cafe with a relaxing environment but just too bad I dint manage to take much photo. They operate as a coffee shop right now but they are opening another restaurant upstairs soon as a fine dine restaurant. Can't wait for it!

I am not really a coffee lover but I do believe I mention in some of my previous post, I like to pay a visit to coffee shop just because of the environment. Some coffee shop serve nice coffee, but sometimes its just too bad (my point of view) where they dint provide a place for customer to have nice photo shooting background. Lo Faro serve nice coffee and the main point, they provide a good photo shoot lighting to instagramer! Haaaa..

Waze there is you are one of the coffee lover, coffee environment lover, instagramer, or even a food lover. They serve nice breakfast and dessert as well. Not manage to give a try on their breakfast as i visited them in the evening, will just give a try maybe tomorrow :) 


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Langkawi Malaysia ; Short Trip


Head up to Langkawi for a short trip. Just so you know, we never even bother those must-go-spot in Langkawi, we just stay in our resort and went for some place for dinner the whole trip. Decided to book flight only a week before the trip, and thank God we found an affordable flight, with snack but without people in the plane, we are just like, 包机! 

Staying in Berjaya Langkawi Chalet. The comfy big bed with the view of jungle and sea, I just love it. *Some love boxes on the bed just after we arrived ahhhhh I feel love again* Have a small nap right after we arrived, just to give ourselves some really young energy for the night activities. 


Hotel facilities and the sea is our activities venue the next day. Some of us enjoying sun tanning, some is looking for the best spot to post the best pose, some is enjoying their 2nd honeymoon, some is enjoying the pool drinks, some is discussing bank experience, and some is just, blank off. Treasure every little moments you spent with you friend, you dont even know when is the next where you can have time with them again.


Spent our time there like nobody business, camera on hand, ready mode always, never missed out any opportunity to bring the memory back. Sometime we just need a bunch of people to crazy with you, to experience and to walk with you in your life journey. Just like #them. Maldives (11/1 - 13/1)


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Gideon & Adrienna : the BIG day

Love is just a word, until someone comes along and gives it meaning.

Attended both wedding ceremony and reception of Gideon & Adrienna, where Adrienna is my super colleague where we met 7-8 months ago. First time seing her was at the BBQ party held at my old office, follow by she came up to the office where i need to give her a simple brief regarding the so called QR that time. And i just dont know by how, know that she is actually a Christian, and from there we start our small CF in the office.

Get into office earlier just because we wanted to have prayer together. We pray for each other, and of course we pray for PYW as well. Still remember the time where we just start our product, fear is around and she is the one who encourage and laying her hand on me to pray. First PRO comes after the prayer, and by then i believe there is more to come. Moved in to new office and the most unforgettable thing for me was, I met an accident when I am on my way to the vendor place, everything seem goes wrong for me during that time, and i received an envelope from her. With the title Who doesn't like receiving white envelope? Hahaha and follow by a small little letter inside the envelope. Omggg this melt my heart, i just couldn't believe that i can meet such a nice friend (or maybe i can call it a spiritual partner spiritual sister) in work place, she gives me encouragement, gives me reminding, and of course, she helps me build my faith. Her quote, all is well, remind me all the time.

And now she is Mrs.Yeoh! Haha my dear friend, God is already pouring out his blessing upon you and He knows all that you need and even wants. Be still, He is God! And I am starting to miss you :) I pray that you have a better and brighter future, where you told me you wanted to go into some couching / education (I dont know what it exactly call :P), summaries, be a teacher, I pray that God wisdom will be with you, use you greatly, be the salt and light for Him, as what we always pray during our small CF time. Although we no longer in the same company right now, but i do believe, once friend, forever friend!

Btw, its a garden wedding! So sweet!

Waiting for the next meet up

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Hello! Yea, welcome.
A super long and sad story behind this 取电话记.
Whatever, phone is here, 开心就好.

*Wrote my 2015 1st quarter wish 3 days earlier, and now, 1 done. 2  more to go, jiayou!*