Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Facebook full with Bangla pictures, police pictures, dark ink blue finger, dark profile picture, and then turn to
orange yellow green today. Malaysian are now protesting the dark and dirty politics. Well, i dont know which is right and which is wrong, the wrong usage of mass media, facebook twitter become so fake yet so real.

Time flies, a part of me wish the time to pass faster, another part of me does not wish that. Feel like i havent prepare well, for my future, for the rest of my life. Contacted my cousins over there, she said, give me a call when you reach, my place is somewhere near London. Yea, i am so excited for that, yet, i am so scare. How my life will be after that? Talked to A B C D and E as well, all of them support my decision, all of them encourage me to stay.

Work almost everyday, but, i enjoy my work so much. Should be saying, i enjoy serving my dearest God so much. Feel so dumb when cant tally my account, but its a challenge for me, sit there the whole day, study all the form and find the mistake out. Currently, from 30 April till now, i still doing the same things everyday.. lol.

Monday, a holiday for me. She called for lunch. Spending my whole afternoon in the mall after the lunch. Walk in daiso, and get myself some stuff for my UK study trip. Bought myself some necessary and some unnecessary stuff. Haha, wanted to buy a Kitty lens case, but when queuing for check out, suddenly 回心转意, throw the case back to the trolley. I dont think that PINK kitty suit me anywhere :p

I want a camera and i need a camera. I want a camera and i need a camera. I WANT A CAMERA AND I NEED A CAMERA. :( I want a camera although i know its not a 'need' for me right now. Super extra strong feel that wanna get myself a camera, a semi pro camera. Lumix? NEX? I just want a camera..............

Story end. Live happily everyone.

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